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For the perfect Caribbean holiday you go to Playa Bluff Lodge.

Welcome to Playa Bluff Lodge! Playa Bluff Lodge is located on isla Colon, the main island of the Bocas del Toro archipel directly on pristine Bluff Beach and next to the rainforest. You can walk for hours on the beach without meeting other people.

With the new swimming pool and beach restaurant our location is perfect for spending the best vacation in the tropics! Bluff beach is by far the best location for beach and nature lovers!

Our goal is to offer all our guests the most memorable holiday! Beach lovers, nature lovers surfers, wildlife lovers or anyone who just want to relax and enjoy tropical life.


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Playa Bluff Lodge is situated on a 23 hectares private property with the sandy beach Playa Bluff in the front and pure rainforest in the back.

You can walk for hours on the beach without seeing other people or just relax in one of our hammocks hanging on the beach. In addition to our 5 large rooms located in a beautiful garden, we have a beach restaurant and bar, Playa Bluff Lounge, with sweeping views of the ocean and a swimming pool.

As an eco lodge, the entire hotel, restaurant and swimming pool operates solely on solar electricity and rainwater catchment systems and have installed exterior red lights in consideration of the turtles inhabiting the surrounding area.Integrated into the natural environment, it is possible to view many kinds of wildlife including birds, monkeys, sloths, snakes and frogs from the lodge. The pond in the backyard garden is an optimal place to discover and view red eyed tree frogs and other frog species at night. Bring your flashlight to explore!

Another fantastic option is participating in a guided hike through the rainforest adjacent to the property. Local guides will lead you to a waterfall where you can see a lot of wildlife.
Closely you can do snorkeling, horseback ride along the beach or rent an ATV and explore the North East of the island.


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At Playa Bluff Restaurant & Lodge we offer a delicious full dinner menu with salads and sandwiches for you to enjoy. We use the freshest local ingredients and seafood Bocas del Toro has to offer. We have a wide range of exotic smoothies and cocktails to cool you down on a hot tropical day. The beautiful setting of the restaurant combined with the swimming pool and lounge deck makes us the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy. We look forward to welcoming you at Playa Bluff Restaurant & Lounge.


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Panama (Central America, between Costa Rica and Colombia), Province Bocas del Toro, island Colon.
This is the largest island in the Archipelago Bocas del Toro on the Caribbean side.
Playa Bluff Lodge is located 8 kilometers from Bocas town. Per taxi 20 minutes $10/2persons, or bike 30 minutes.



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The beach is one of the few beaches in the world where the big leatherback turtles nest!

They can weigh more than 600 kilos and watch them nesting or see the new-borns hatch is a wonderful experience!

This all happens in front of your room! Nesting season of the leatherbacks is from early March until the end of June. Hawksbill turtles and green turtles some months longer. Hatching time is 2 months. Bluff beach has seasons. Some months of the year the ocean is like a lake, crystal clear and fantastic to swim. Some months waves are big and ready for professional surfers.